Obedience Dog Training Workshop

by A&F Dog Services

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Discover the joy of Obedience Dog Training at our workshops in Dagenham, where passion meets a way of life and unforgettable emotions. It's not just about training; it's about building a special bond with your furry companion and like-minded dog lovers.

Unleash the Fun

Obedience is an enjoyable pastime that offers more than just dog training. It's an opportunity to improve your skills, elevate your canine partner's abilities, and spend quality time with your four-legged friend in the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Everyone Can Join

No matter your background or experience level, anyone can participate in our workshops—individually or as part of a group. All you need is a belief in success, motivation for yourself and your dog, and a zest for fun! We provide tasty treats and toys for your dogs, and our dedicated guide ensures genuine, heartfelt emotions throughout the journey.

All Breeds Welcome

Your dog's breed, age, or appearance is no barrier to success. Whether your dog is young or old, big or small, pedigreed or not, they can all learn and improve. Our workshops offer a variety of exercises that both you and your dog will take pride in.

Building Trust

Obedience training isn't just about the dog; it's about strengthening the bond between owner and pet. We emphasize trust and cooperation, leaving no room for coercion or pressure. Our trainers will enhance your creativity in dog training, helping you effectively communicate and set clear rules during training.

Small Wins, Big Victories

Obedience teaches patience and the art of appreciating life's small pleasures. Every training victory inspires you to reach for greater achievements, celebrating progress on your path to genuine success.

Join Us at Eastbrook Community Centre, Dagenham RM10 7NL

Our workshops take place at the Eastbrook Community Centre in Dagenham every Saturday at 9:30 AM. We believe in fun and effective training, so every puppy joining our Obedience Dog Training Workshop should have prior puppy training with us or be familiar with basic commands like sit, down, stay, and wait.

Come experience the thrill of Obedience Dog Training with us. Embrace the journey of growth and companionship. Join our Dagenham workshop and embark on a rewarding adventure with your beloved canine companion!


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