Why should you choose "A&F Dog Services" as your dog training school?


Modern dog psychology-based training methods are used at the school. They do not cause stress or discomfort to animals. In addition to learning much faster and creating a stronger bond with the owner, the owner also gets to know his dog better and can effectively apply the training methodology in everyday life.


A trainer with extensive experience teaching obedience to dogs of various breeds. Actively participating in seminars, conferences, and other events to further her knowledge.


In addition to learning how to control your dog, you will also gain theoretical knowledge. The peculiarities of dog communication, their body language, and their physiological differences will be explained to you. This course will teach you the basics of dog anatomy, their senses, and how they understand their environment. It will make communication between you and your pet easier on a daily basis.

Services in details

Personalized One-on-One Dog Training Solutions

Welcome to A&F Dog Services, where we specialize in personalized private dog training sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your furry companion. Our experienced and certified dog trainers work closely with you to address specific behavior challenges, obedience goals, and individualized training preferences. From basic commands to advanced skills, we are dedicated to fostering a strong bond between you and your dog through positive reinforcement techniques. Discover the joy of a well-behaved and happy canine companion with our exclusive one-on-one training sessions. Let's embark on a journey of learning and tail-wagging success together!


from 55£
Private training online

Private puppy training delivered live via Zoom/MS Teams/Skype/Google Meats

30£ per 60 minutes
Puppy School: Where Learning Begins

Welcome to our Puppy Training Classes – the first step towards raising a well-behaved and happy companion. Our classes are designed to provide essential skills and socialization for your young pup. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of learning and growth, fostering a strong foundation for a harmonious lifelong relationship with your furry friend

From £110 per 6 weeks
Half Day Care

Half Day A&F Dog Services Day Care

On most days we do have availability for Half Day A&F Dog Service Day Care, please ring on the day for availability.

From £20 per half a day
Day Care

You really can have peace of mind that your pooch is in the best possible hands and enjoying a fun-filled day socialising with his friends!

From  £30 per day
Professional Dog Walking Services

Explore our professional dog walking services designed to keep your furry friend active, happy, and healthy. Our experienced team is here to provide your pet with quality walks and companionship, ensuring they get the exercise and attention they deserve. Let us be your trusted partner in caring for your beloved canine companion


from £15 per hour
Obedience Dog Training Workshop

Join our Obedience Dog Training Workshop and unlock the potential in your furry companion. Expert trainers, personalized guidance, and practical lessons to enhance your dog's behavior and obedience. Sign up now for a well-behaved and happy pet!

30£ per session
Safe and Comfortable Pet Boarding Services

Welcome to our cozy home boarding service, where your pets become part of our family. We offer a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved companions while you're away. Rest assured, they'll receive the same love and care they do at home. Your pets' home away from home awaits.

Licence Number: 23/00131/LIANI



Dovile Dovile

highest recommendations. I am very happy with the dog training and care. The 👌👌👌

Angelica Santos

They are a knowledgeable trainers. They understand the behaviour of our puppy and know how to respond to him. They are also flexible when it comes to daycare and so far our puppy has been enjoying his stay with them. Definitely recommended!

Jolanta Rupinskiene

Aciu A&F Dog Service buvo nuostabus laikas kartu😍Martukas daug ko ismoko,visada sulaukem atsakymo i visus klausimus -rekomenduojam❤️❤️❤️


Our goal is to set you and your dog up for success and long-lasting results. Coaching the dog’s family is just as important in our process as training the dog, perhaps even more so! The skills you learn from A&F Dog Services will be an investment in the relationship with the dog you have now and every dog you ever share your heart and home with.

We strive for learner-centred, minimally stressful, and thoughtful training sessions with all species. We use gentle methods based on the most current science of dog training and behaviour .

Yes. We also train people of any breed, age and size.

Aggression is a broad topic with a full spectrum of behaviours. Good Human can assess the dog and the contributing factors to determine the reason for the behaviour. We can help you gain a better understanding of these behaviours and provide innovative and simple solutions for changing the patterns of aggressive behaviour. And, if you need more help than we can provide, we have the very best group of referrals.

Sure. If you and some friends would like a small, private class, I am happy to come to you! You can find out more about this service here.

Depends. If your dog has been practicing an undesirable behaviour for 2 years, it won’t change in 2 weeks. Often we can provide the information needed in our consultation to train the new behaviour with no follow-up sessions, but practice is the key to success. Many behaviours will take multiple sessions. If you want us to do the training, a few visits each week will get results quickly. Your dog will learn faster with a Good Human trainer teaching because we do this daily. Expect the best outcome if you do the training too.

Yes. Your dog will be under constant supervision by our team of experienced carers and will NEVER be left unattended.

Yes. There is a minimum booking of 2 sessions per week on an ongoing basis. This ensures all the dogs and team are familiar, happy and settled. We understand however that you may need flexibility from time to time, so we will always try to accommodate any changes you need.

Definitely! The early stages of your dog’s life are key to developing essential social and life skills. We accept puppies from 12 weeks, so long as they have had their 2nd vaccinations.

Over the last decade we have strived to understand what makes a dog tick. Our weekly enrichment activities and 1-2-1 sessions aim to unlock the senses and provide physical and mental stimulation.

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